Members-only cannabis club opens on Water Street in Worcester

Members-only cannabis club opens on Water Street in Worcester
Members-only cannabis club opens on Water Street in Worcester
nSmoking marijuana outside of your own home just got a little easier in Worcester today.

The Summit Lounge is now open and allows it’s members to relax and smoke marijuana once inside.

Club owner, Kyle Moon says the club offers a social alternative to clubs and bars. “The medicinal use us legal as well as the recreational use, so beyond that it’s not our job to police them. We provide a safe environment for anyone to use their medicinal or recreational. We offer something alternative to the typical bar, nightclub scene,” Moon said.

The club doesn’t sell alcohol or marijuana. Members will have to bring their own cannabis.

Club owners tell NBC10 Boston it’s the first venue in Worcester to offer marijuana smokers a place to leisurely enjoy smoking with friends. “I think it’s great. Some place the kids can go off the street and smoke. We’re changing. It’s a good area. A lot of clubs down in this area,” said lifelong Worcester resident Bob Mastrovito.

The club is now open only to members. On February 17th, Summit Lounge will host an open house to attract new members.

The Summit Lounge, a members-only marijuana club, opened today on Water Street in Worcester.

General Manager Kyle Moon would not disclose how many members the club has now, but said he’s hoping for at least 250 over the next three months. Membership is $50 per month.

“Our members are legally able to smoke anything that’s legal in Massachusetts here,” Moon said.

Currently, the club does not provide any products itself, as the state’s Cannabis Control Commission has yet to finalize rules and regulations for the legal pot industry. Summit invites its members to bring its weed, hash, edibles, oil and other cannabis products to consume.

Anyone caught selling cannabis products in the club will be kicked out and authorities will be notified, said Moon, a 27-year-old Northbridge resident.

Massachusetts voters legalized the use of the drug in November 2017, and businesses will be able to apply for licenses to sell the product in April, and they can being those sales in July.

Smoking in public places is still illegal, but the club is a private association. Therefore, smoking is allowed in the building.

The Cannabis Control Commission has discussed regulation surrounding marijuana cafes, and if that becomes a legal option, it would be up to the club’s members to open it up to the public, Moon said.

“We’re trying to build a community,” he said. “We want members to feel private and secure.”

The club is modeled after similar establishments in Colorado, where it’s also illegal to light up in public places, Moon said.

“We’re just trying to remove that negative stigma and trying to take a legitimate industry and make it legitimate,” he said.

An open house will be held at the club from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 17, but no smoking is allowed.


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