WATCH: Jeffrey Lord gets shut down for suggesting Mueller team should hire Trump’s personal lawyer

WATCH: Jeffrey Lord gets shut down for suggesting Mueller team should hire Trump's personal lawyer
Study: Broadcast Networks Obsessed With Russia
CNN political commentator and former ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen slapped down a suggestion by Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord on Sunday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team should hire President Donald Trump's personal 

Recent reports indicate that President Trump has considered attempting to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller—or, given applicable legal constraints, to instruct Rod Rosenstein, the acting attorney general overseeing Mueller, to do so. It goes without …

Media obsession: 55 percent of broadcast news coverage of Trump centered on Russia probe

The investigations into the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election are not “wildly overblown,” as David Brooks' recent column suggests (“Let's Not Get Carried Away,” June 21). A hostile foreign government in Russia stole emails and used …

The former pundit for The Blaze appeared in a recent ad called “Witch Hunt,” which was produced by the Great America Alliance, a pro-Trump nonprofit that raised more than $28.6 million during last year's campaign. In the clip, Lahren tries to conflate …

OPINION: All the president's tweets — help our adversaries

OPINION: All the president's tweets — help our adversaries
OPINION: All the president's tweets — help our adversaries

A new study by the Media Research Center has revealed that of all Trump-related coverage on nightly broadcast news, more than half was related to the Russia investigation. MRC analysts reviewed 364 Trump-related news stories on broadcast network

Trump recently admitted—in an extremely rambling, confusing way, even for him—that he never actually had any tapes of his and James Comey's meetings, despite suggesting very strongly that he did on Twitter. While that was going on, the CBO determined

Did the president act 'corruptly'? Not from what we know—but then neither did the accounting firm. By Michael B. Mukasey, The Wall Street Journal. What exactly is Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating? The basis in law—regulation, actually …

John Dean: Frightened Trump Is In Over His head

How much has the media's obsession with the ongoing Russia investigation smothered the rest of the Trump policy agenda? A Media Research Center study of every broadcast network evening newscast in the five weeks since the appointment of special

A new pro-Trump ad attacks Mueller's credibility

In this June 19, 2013, file photo, former FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Mueller was appointed in the spring of 2017 as special counsel to oversee investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential … . President Trump denied on Twitter that he made tapes of his conversations with then-FBI Director James B. Comey and stated he did not have any tapes in his possession [“Trump says he has no 'tapes' of Comey conversations,” news, June 23]. He also said

Broadcast Networks Obsessed With Russia” alt=”Study: Broadcast Networks Obsessed With Russia”>
Study: Broadcast Networks Obsessed With Russia

John Mindermann is part of an unusual fraternity. A former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, now 80 and retired in his hometown, San Francisco, he is among the relative handful of law-enforcement officials who have investigated a sitting. How is this for a strategy? Concoct a conspiracy to explain an unexpected election loss, put a cloud over the head of the elected president and his agenda, drag out an investigation for months, stir up hopes of impeachment, and then charge obstruction … . John Oliver ripped into President Donald Trump on Sunday's "Last Week Tonight" for misleading the American public about whether he had tapes of his meetings with James Comey, the FBI director he fired on May 9. "James Comey better hope that there are. I confess: I thought the story of the non-existent White House tapes would quickly blow over. After all, how exciting is it to learn what nearly everyone already expected, that President Trump did not secretly record his conversations with Jim Comey …

A Southern California group backing President Trump is out with a new ad attacking special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, criticizing the investigation into the Trump campaign's possible cooperation with Russian interference in the 2016 election. The …

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