‘Words matter’: Dem strategist scorches Republican over Trump’s tepid Charlottesville statement

'Words matter': Dem strategist scorches Republican over Trump's tepid Charlottesville statement
Trump's crisis spurs talk of White House departures
Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator Symone Sanders shot down Trump-supporter Paris Dennard's attempts on Sunday to explain away President Donald Trump's lack of condemnation for the Charlottesville, VA white supremacist march 

White nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the so-called "alt-right" clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12, 2017, during a "Unite the Right" rally. A car then plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters in the afternoon …
Trump's crisis spurs talk of White House departures
Trump's crisis spurs talk of White House departures
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump's turnabout on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has rocked his administration, leading to rising speculation that some top officials may be looking for a way out. A parade of business

The US and China are engaged in an “economic war” from which there will be only one winner, Steve Bannon, the White House strategist, has warned in a stinging attack on Washington's principal geopolitical rival. In an impromptu and wide-ranging

President Donald Trump has abruptly dismantled two of his White House business councils-an attempt to manage his increasing isolation and the continued fallout from his combative comments on racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Aug. . Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, said in a surprisingly candid report Wednesday that the U.S. is at economic war with China, there's no military solution to North Korea and that infighting is an everyday occurrence in the White … . US President Donald Trump speaks during an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, US, April 27, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria/Files. Washington/New York: US President Donald Trump disbanded two high-profile

At a press conference Tuesday, President Donald Trump drew an equivalence between last weekend's violent neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the counterprotesters who opposed them. His messages have united Republicans and many U.S.

The reverberations from the violence in Charlottesville continue to echo as President Donald Trump faces further fallout from his handling of the situation. Members of his own party have come out against his response and now two of his economic …

What is 'antifa?' Virginia clashes bring attention to anti-fascist movement

Republican leaders dance around Trump remarks
Republican leaders dance around Trump remarks
FILE – In this April 29, 2017, file photo, Steve Bannon, chief White House strategist to President Donald Trump is seen in Harrisburg, Pa. Bannon says there's no military solution to North Korea's threats and says the U.S. is losing the economic race …
At some point during the campaign last year, most Republicans came to the conclusion that Donald Trump was like nuclear energy. His was a force that, if properly harnessed, could power their party for a generation. And so the party embraced Mr Trump.
Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon has blasted far-right white nationalists as “clowns” and “losers” in the wake of the Charlottesville clashes. The former media boss made the comments amid fall-out caused by President Trump's refusal to …

Trump disbands business councils after CEOs quit in protest

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told a journalist about his long-simmering feud with some of President Donald Trump's top economic advisers, saying in an interview with The American Prospect that he battles them often, especially over his. President Donald Trump dissolved two of his economic advisory councils Wednesday after a rash of CEOs resigned in the wake of his response to a white nationalist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, that occurred Saturday. "Rather than putting pressure …

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