Twin Towers: To A Con In SoCal, A Special Meaning

Bill LeCount recalls evacuating the PWC building less than a half mile across the Hudson River from the Twin Towers. “We had made it out to the evacuation area when the second plane hit the South Tower. The explosion was enormous; a gigantic ball of flame. We were all in a state of shock. Later I took photos of the boats going back and forth to bring people to safety. It was an incredible act of human kindness. The boats transported over 500,000 people from Manhattan. One of the saddest things was watching hundreds of refrigerated trucks passing by to load the projected number of bodies to be brought across.”I was headed to a women’s rehab ― Prototypes Women’s Center in Pomona ― where I did vocational counseling. The residents would be terrified and in utter confusion, and they would need someone there to keep people calm. I had to keep going. Anyway, in an event of this magnitude, it seemed that there was no real safe place to be. Didn’t an attack plane go down in Pennsylvania? Not even Pennsylvania, not even Ventura, was safe. It was all the same wherever you were. Nuclear weapons were being unleashed, it was just a matter of time, I thought. Lots of us were doomed anyway.“There is no reason for such blasts to be as isolated as they were”

Conspiracy theorists claim video 'proves bombs were planted' in 9/11 attack

“I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs – bombs that exploded simultaneously.

Meaning, the rail container was not. “How badly damaged is the rail container?”

The “dust puff” theory is the official explanation of the presence of puffs of smoke from the towers – it was believed to be the air pressure caused by the collapsing floors.
FOOTAGE appears to show someone being blown out of the Twin Towers before they collapsed – with conspiracy theorists claiming it proves bombs were planted.

Official investigations have found that the buildings – which each had 110 storeys – collapsed because of the impact from the planes.

“What idiot would crash a small plane into the most visible structure on the New York skyline?” I thought. Then the reports started coming in: It wasn’t a small plane, it was a commercial airliner. What the hell was going on? It began to dawn on me that something big was happening here, that this might not be a freak accident.

Does this footage back up conspiracy theories?al-Qaida terrorists smashed into the south and north towers of the iconic New York landmark on September 11, 2001.

The day following the attack, US President Donald Trump gave a TV interview which appeared to suggest the World Trade Center buildings collapsed because of bombs.What was really ironic, I thought at the time, was that when I was locked up in 1998 I used to pray that something catastrophic like this would happen. Maybe all the records would be destroyed, maybe all the security systems would break down, and I would somehow be a free man in a country ruled by anarchy. And here it was happening, just as I planned it, only three years too late.

Meanwhile, Flight 77 hits the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. The only American not on Mother Earth was astronaut Frank Culberston circling above the tragedy aboard the International Space Station. Notified of the disaster unfolding, Culberston started recording the event from outer space. He found out later the commercial pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 was Charles Burlingame, his classmate from the Naval Academy.

The towers were gone. The Pentagon burning. A big Boeing 767 in a million pieces in an isolated field in Pennsylvania. I went back to the local dispatch and over-the-road room to check on folks. Except for conducting what was now limited business on the phones, everyone remained silent as if trying cope with an unbelievable catastrophe. It reminded me of how deer respond to headlights.

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