Former Meridian star Rodney Hood dealt to Cleveland Cavaliers

Former Meridian star Rodney Hood dealt to Cleveland Cavaliers
Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter: \”Utah will also send Joe Johnson to Sacramento, and Cleveland will send Jae Crowder …
nTeams rightfully didn’t want to part with first round picks as assets. With the free agent market projected to be barren, major players such as Oklahoma City’s Paul George simply weren’t available. Others, such as Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams, had already signed contract extensions with their current teams. Players like Blake Griffin and Nikola Mirotic had already been traded.

Because of this, there was high potential for a lack of drama at Thursday’s deadline.

Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter: \”Utah will also send Joe Johnson to Sacramento, and Cleveland will send Jae Crowder …

The Lakers, Jazz, Cavaliers, Knicks and Magic all pulled the trigger on deals. Some of them blew up their cores. Some traded highly valued rotation players. Others traded starters, or for starting caliber talent. In a span of about 90 minutes, the NBA became Wall Street on a day of high volatility.

Cavaliers’ trade acquisitions will not play vs. Hawks Friday, report says

With the smoke now cleared, who won the day? Who lost the day? Who fortified themselves and who clearly went backwards? Here are the winners and losers of what, unexpectedly, became a hectic NBA trade deadline.

The Jazz first tried to acquire Crowder from Boston over the summer as part of a proposed sign-and-trade deal involving then free agent Gordon Hayward. He brings a tantalizing skill set that fits the Jazz system. The 6-foot-6 forward is a solid passer and wing defender and also a capable outside shooter.

We still have to sit back and see if the new team Cleveland assembled meshes on the court. Still, it looks much better than the team we saw in the first half of the season. In acquiring Rodney Hood, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., the Cavs got younger and more athletic. They cleared their locker room of a few cancers and they gave LeBron James more of a chance to reach yet another NBA Finals.

Can’t disagree with any of that. Hood has been one of Utah’s rising stars since being drafted out of Duke in 2014, and was averaging a career-best 16.8 points per game this season. As for Crowder, his short time in Cleveland was less than stellar. And then there’s Rose, who most definitely sucks. Tough break for Darren Muir, you poor bastard.

More importantly, they got better on the court, and didn’t mortgage their future. They actually gave themselves a better opportunity to keep James, who hits the free agency market this summer.

One poor, diehard Utah Jazz fan fell in that category, missing the entire NBA trade deadline while under anesthesia during surgery. Upon waking up, he was made aware that the Jazz had sent guard Rodney Hood to the Cleveland Cavaliers, receiving Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose in exchange. Things got very emotional after that:

Cleveland kept its coveted first round pick, via the Brooklyn Nets. It means the Cavs are a lock to pick in the top-10 of a loaded NBA draft, and did so while making themselves better on the floor. For all the deserved criticism general manager Koby Altman took for being fleeced in the Kyrie Irving trade, he deserves major kudos for making some terrific trade deadline deals.

“I’ve talked to guys like Joe Johnson. There’s certain times when, I guess, you assume or you kind of know it’s about to happen, so I asked him questions, like ‘what happens in this situation?’ or ‘what happens in that situation?’ and they’re great for answering the questions for me so that way as a young guy coming into the league I know what’s going on or why teams are doing certain things,” Mitchell said. “I think it’s pretty cool I now have the insight because at heart I’m still a fan of basketball and a fan of the NBA so being able to understand why certain trades are happening, understanding what a buyout is — to be honest with you I didn’t really understand a buyout so Joe Johnson explained it to me. It’s pretty cool to have an understanding of these things.”
Cavaliers' trade acquisitions will not play vs. Hawks Friday, report says
Cavaliers’ trade acquisitions will not play vs. Hawks Friday, report says

With almost every team hoarding its first round picks like a Willy Wonka golden ticket, the Pelicans burned theirs on … wait for it … Nikola Mirotic.

Look, I understand the Pelicans are trying to make the playoffs and needed a replacement for DeMarcus Cousins, who is out for the season with an injury. But, Nikola Mirotic is not worth surrendering a first round pick. He’s not going to push the needle for New Orleans. I know the argument: The Pelicans were able to find a way out of Omer Asik’s toxic contract, sending him to the Chicago Bulls. But, New Orleans won’t have financial flexibility either way. So, the Pelicans are now left with Mirotic, no first rounder this summer, and a roster that forces Anthony Davis to play the center spot, which he has no interest in. Baffling.

That the Cavs only parted with the underperforming Crowder, Rose and Shumpert in a deal that landed a talented two-way point guard and rangy 25-year-old wing — two of the most-coveted roles in the league — is remarkable. There’s little doubt Cleveland improved its roster for the stretch run, when All-Star forward Kevin Love is expected to return, so long as coach Tyronn Lue can successfully incorporate everybody before the playoffs. The Cavaliers are 7-13 over their previous 20 games.

General wisdom suggests there has to be a winner and loser to every trade. But Cleveland and Los Angeles both won. In trading Clarkson and Nance, the Lakers were able to clear enough cap space to chase two max contract free agents this summer. That puts them in prime position to steal Paul George and/or LeBron James and add them to what is a really nice core of young guys. This summer, financial flexibility will be gold. And the Lakers will have more than anyone in the league. They’re now a team to watch in July.

I’ve never seen a guy talk himself out of town faster than Thomas. But from the outset, it was clear Cleveland had to trade him. You simply don’t come to a team and try to take over a locker room like Thomas did. And you doubly don’t do it with a team that has LeBron James and Kevin Love in said locker room. So, Thomas, who was an MVP candidate last season in Boston, was shipped to Los Angeles. Here’s hoping he can regain his past form. But there’s a reason Thomas has been traded from every single team that he’s been on in the league.

On the surface, trading Rodney Hood for Jae Crowder looks like a downgrade for the Jazz. But here’s what they were facing on the trade market. Every team knew Hood wanted to leave Utah, and while there were plenty of inquiries, teams were hesitant to spend assets on a player who they thought they could get in the summer on the free agent market.

In that sense, getting a starter-level player for Hood, who is on a great contract, was a win for the Jazz. For this to completely be a win for Utah, Crowder has to return to the form he had with the Boston Celtics. If he’s the player he was with Cleveland, it turns into a loss. Because Hood still has a chance to be a guy who can score 20 points per game in this league.

What are the Knicks doing? They bury Willy Hernangomez, who is a good player, on the bench all season behind Kyle O’Quinn, who isn’t as good. Then, they trade him to the Charlotte Hornets for pennies on the dollar. And then, they trade for Emmanuel Mudiay, who plays the same position as their current lottery pick Frank Ntilikina, whom they should be giving all the minutes he can handle in a season going nowhere. I’m so confused.

Neither Rodney Hood, nor George Hill will play for the Cavaliers when they face off with the Hawks Friday as Cleveland waits for its trade with the Kings and Jazz to be finalized.

Brad Rock: Jazz’s Rodney Hood story had played out in Utah; Jae Crowder acquisition a plus

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, now-former Cavaliers forward Iman Shumpert will not be able to get his physical done with the Kings until Saturday at the earliest. The trade is not complete until he passes his physical.

An unlikely partnership is driving the Jazz

With the trade not done, neither Hood nor Hill can play with the Cavaliers. 

Cavaliers-Kings-Jazz 3-team trade: George Hill, Rodney Hood head to Cleveland

OK, so, no way George Hill or Rodney Hood plays tonight because Iman Shumpert has to take his physical with SAC. Cavs have not yet ruled out Clarkson or Nance

LeBron, Thompson react to Cavs busy deadline and new teammates
LeBron, Thompson react to Cavs busy deadline and new teammates

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer also reported guard Jordan Clarkson and forward Larry Nance who the Cavaliers acquired in the Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye deal at the deadline will not play either.

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