A Quiet Place debuts chilling new footage in Super Bowl spot

A Quiet Place debuts chilling new footage in Super Bowl spot
A Quiet Place Super Bowl Trailer Will Hunt You Down
nThat’s the reality for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s characters in the upcoming release A Quiet Place.

While details of the film have been mostly kept under wraps, a new trailer released during the Super Bowl gives more insight into the horror film set to hit theaters on April 6.

The film is produced by Michael Bay (Transformers franchise), and his Platinum Dunes’ partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (Ouija, The Purge, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), from a spec script by Bryan Woods & Scott Beck which was rewritten by John Krasinski. Bryan Woods and Scott Beck have a number of horror movies to their credit including Her Summer, The Bride Wore Blood, Nightlight and Haunt, but this will be their first major studio motion picture. John Krasinski made his directorial debut with the 2009 comedy Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, which he followed up with the 2016 comedy The Hollars. He also directed three episodes of The Office and wrote the screenplay for Promised Land with his co-star in that film, Matt Damon, from a story by Dave Eggers.
A Quiet Place Super Bowl Trailer Will Hunt You Down
A Quiet Place Super Bowl Trailer Will Hunt You Down

Silent scream: Emily Blunt must not make any noise while crying or risk monsters coming out to attack in a new trailer for A Quiet Place released Sunday during the Super Bowl

What’s even more impressive is how quickly this production seemed to come together. Paramount announced that production had started on this horror-thriller just a few months ago, in early September. Production took place in Little Falls, New York and Pawling, New York, and while it isn’t known how long principal photography took place for, it couldn’t have been for too long, since the studio had already announced the April 6, 2018 release date in their start-of-production press release. Aside from writer-director-star John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt, the only two other cast members are Noah Jupe (Suburbicon, Wonder) and Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck), who play the young children of Krasinski and Blunt’s characters.

A Quiet Place Trailer Brings the Scares Home

The real life husband and wife team also play a married couple in Krasinski’s third directorial effort.

If you look at the full lineup of Super Bowl ads, A Quiet Place is most certainly the odd movie out, since it’s possible that the production budget isn’t even as big as the $5 million-plus it reportedly costs to pay for a 30-second Super Bowl ad this year. Still, following the terrifying first trailer that was released in November, A Quiet Place managed to sneak its way onto Fandango’s list of the most anticipated movies of 2018, in the Most Anticipated Horror-Thriller category. While it did come in fifty place behind the Untitled Cloverfield Movie, the Halloween reboot, The First Purge and Insidious: The Last Key, it’s still quite the feat for a low-budget movie like this.

They live in silence protecting their two children, played by Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds, from unknown creatures that feed off noise. 

‘If they hear you, they hunt you,’ is the official synopsis for the film.

Oh no: John Krasinski is a concerned father that just heard one of his children make a loud noise, which has awoken monsters in their midst 

He also directed three episodes of “The Office” and wrote the screenplay for “Promised Land” (2012), with his co-star in that film, Matt Damon, from a story by Dave Eggers. “A Quiet Place” is produced by Michael Bay (the “Transformers” franchise), and his Platinum Dunes’ partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (“The Purge,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”).

Concern: Blunt, who’s married to Krasinski in real life and the film, is worries for her family who is surround by monsters

A QUIET PLACE Trailer Hints at Fears to Come

At one point, one of the children turns on a loud toy that causes the parents to instantly panic.

A Quiet Place Super Bowl TV Spot Turns Up the Noise

As Krasinski makes a mad dash to silence it, they can hear rustling through the trees. There was definitely a dark presence out there and the pair didn’t care to meet them.

It marks the first foray into genre for director John Krasinski, whose previously helmed films Brief Interviews With Hideous Men and The Hollars were comedy-dramas. And yes, the guy from The Office starring in and directing a horror film produced by Michael Bay is a decidedly odd pairing. Concurrent with the trailer, a new interview has been released with Krasinski to describe the film a little more.

In the end, a squeaky door causes some sort of scary appendage to reach out and grab one of the children.

If A Quiet Place wasn’t on your radar before, it will be now, as a trailer released during the big game teased a post-apocalyptic, silent world in which making any noise whatsoever draws a supernatural evil. Fortunately for the family in question, their daughter is deaf, so they’re all conversant in sign language…which may save their lives.

No where to hide: Even when they think they’re alone, they can hear something is out there

So far, the marketing is keeping the threat well hidden and mysterious. If the storyline is compelling and credible enough, maybe it will well and truly discourage people in movie theaters from talking. In the sequel, maybe there can be a force that only hunts you when you text. And make it a trilogy with something that only hunts people who kick seats.

Shhh: It’s pretty impossible to live a completely silent life so Krasinski struggles with keeping his kids as quiet as possible 

They are being hunted and there’s no where to escape to. This is happening all over the world so the evil entities must be dealt with.

On the heels of the popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things, this is the perfect movie to satiate the thirst of fans who’ve already binged all two seasons. 

Daddy’s got a gun: This is the third film directed by the former The Office star

The movie marks Krasinski’s third feature length directorial effort (after Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollars) and first time directing while starring alongside his real-life wife, Emily Blunt. The movie follows their characters’ family in a world where deadly creatures are hunting anything that makes a noise. The first trailer conveyed the silence and terror that can come with the film’s setting, and now the time has come to see more.

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So far the marketing for A Quiet Place has focused primarily on the family attempting to maintain silence so as not to not alert a terrifying enemy to their existence. But tonight’s Super Bowl spot has given us just a bit more about the world at large in John Krasinski’s upcoming thriller. We see the desolation and abandonment as the family navigates its way to safety and survival. The short spot gives us an idea of what is going on, but the marketing is still smartly playing the monsters/enemies/aliens (whatever they are) close to the chest. Take a look below to check out the Super Bowl spot for A Quiet Place.

This A Quiet Place trailer finally gives us the inkling that whatever this family is hiding from is far more than some monsters in the woods. The beginning of the spot shows that there was a global military response to whatever this threat is and it seems that whatever happened happened fast, and with far-reaching devastation. So anyone thinking ‘they should just move!’ now knows that this threat appears to exist on a global scale, and the creatures are ever-present, so the need to be silent never abates. This family, and presumably anyone else still alive, needs to be on high alert all the time, coiled like a spring and ready to take flight or fight at the drop of a hat.

That is what is truly compelling about this trailer and has me so excited for this film. Once you know the premise (Be quiet!), every scene is dripping with tension. Whether it be a leisurely walk in the woods or a child playing with a toy, there is no true safety. The family appeared to walking barefoot on a trail, which is really interesting. What level of noise attracts these things? Are crunchier leaves best avoided? Will breaking a stick while walking into town spell certain doom for you and your family? Whatever this thing is, it seems to be a serious hunter that justifies sheer terror when the kid’s toy space shuttle starts making noise. The look on John Krasinski’s face just really sells it all, he is in a state of complete panic, but still has the presence of mind to immediately jump into action to handle the crisis however he can.

Emily Blunt’s ‘A Quiet Place’ Gets Creepy Super Bowl Spot

I really love that they are still not showing the monsters. It might be tempting in front of a wide Super Bowl audience to bring out the big guns and sell the monsters, but this spot doesn’t do that. I really hope that can continue until this film’s April release. I want to know nothing and be positively petrified when John Krasinski’s family is viciously hunted by a unseen threat. John Krasinski doesn’t have a large body of work as a director, but he is a talented actor, and with wife Emily Blunt on board and an exciting and fresh horror tale, he could really make a statement that he is more than just Jim from The Office,; he’s also an exciting new director (and the new Jack Ryan).

A Quiet Place stalks its way into theaters on April 6. for all of this years biggest films, check out our release schedule.

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