Acadiana Mardi Gras Wrap Up 2018

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Every Mardi Gras the Iota community celebrates with the Tee Mamou-Iota Mardi Gras Folklife Festival.

Between the food, crafts, music and chicken run, the 31st Annual Tee Mamou-Iota Mardi Gras Folklife Festival is all about Cajun traditions. The festival’s association president, Eric Miller says, “One of the reasons the festival actually got started was we wanted to help preserve and promote the Tee Mamou Mardi Gras that run in the country and give them more recognition coming into town.”

The experience of going back in time is the reason why the Duponts wanted to stop by this year. Blaine Dupont says, “We decided to go ahead and wear our traditional Mardi Gras outfits today to show our support to towns like tee mamou that are doing these festivities for people not only for locals like us, but people coming from out of state.”

Scattered showers will be in the forecast as the next front approaches Friday, perhaps briefly passes south of the area Saturday, but should move back to the north Sunday. Some rain chances will remain through the weekend.

02/13 Ryan’s “Mardi Gras” Tuesday Evening Forecast

For some like Susan Fontenot and her daughter Rachel Crochet, who sell Mardi Gras Dolls, this festival also carries family traditions. Crochet says, “Our Aunt did it for 30 years. We’ve always been involved in it and Aunt Jackie it’s all family so to be a part of it not just come walk through it to see it is awesome.” She says sharing their family and region’s culture on Mardi Gras day is an honor. “A lot of people from all over the United States come even Canada sometimes you get people from France come down here, just for this. It’s a little town and the fact that they’ve ever heard of it.”

Above all else, this festival is a reminder of how important it is to keep the Cajun culture alive. Karen Dupont says, “Heritage is all we can offer to our kids and our little family growing up behind us, tradition and generations to come that’s what it’s all about to keep the culture alive.”

After skirting most of the showers and storms for Mardi Gras, the chance of scattered showers will continue into the evening (through midnight) fore Acadiana, before fog sets in later tonight.

This time of year for various rural towns in the Area….Courier de Mardi gras takes center stage.

The grand daddy of them all happening right here each and every year in Big Mamou.

Hundreds of Mardi Gras kept in check by capitans make various stops in the countryside collecting ingredients for a communal gumbo.

The costumes, horse back riding, chicken chasing, and dancing all about tradition.

And the night was super indeed for the guests of the Infant Mystics during the Mardi Gras organization’s annual ball at the Mobile Civic Center. The Mystics members celebrated their 150th anniversary in high style with a circus-type tableau featuring hand-pulled floats processing inside the arena. 

Mardi Gras day in Mamou…a one of a kind celebration in Evangeline parish.

Also in my opinion one of the best ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday in the world!

Thousands of people made their way to downtown iota, to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the tee-mamou-iota mardi gras folk life festival..

Gallery: Show Us Your Mardi Gras Gowns: Infant Mystics celebrate 150 years

eric miller, president of the tee-mamou iota mardi gras folk life festival association

"just the real deep traditions, of where it was born, what it has evolved into, and carrying that tradition on for outisders and everybody else to see."

This cajun mardi gras celebration is over a century old… Iota mayor mariette granger says it's a tradition that brings people from everywhere to her city…

"we have people that come from all over the country, and out of the country from france and other places.

The highlight of the day is the arrival of the tee mamou courir de mardi gras riding through town in a mardi gras wagon. The riders are dressed in colorful costumes with screen masks and capuchons to hide their identity.

Well that's going to do it for us here at the tee mamou iota mardi gras festival. I'm news 10's lester duhe', let's send it over now to news 10's Renee Allen  the best of mardi gras is the floats the food and the people. This year we had a group of newcomers people who are here from outside of Louisiana — they traveled here to enjoy Mardi Gras and to meet the king..  king: "i raise my glass to you and to all the wonderful people of Lafayette and all of Acadiana. To all the visitors to our fair city. Welcome to Lafayette."" plus there were some out towners who made their way to the Hub City to enjoy Mardi Gras for the first time. The america by rail tour group started in Chicago with 28 people from all over the midwest. They even named a king and queen to represent their new experience…they're from Michigan.  

john: "i don't usually do this kind of partying. Its great. Its different for me."" 

"we're loving it. We went to the parade last night and had a great time. We got a lot of beads for the grandkids. We stayed warm all night. It was a blast." The parade was load with all kings of floats — all kinds of people and plenty of beads. In Lafayette Renee Allen news ten — now to news ten's Rebecca Marriquin

The Lafayette Mardi Gras Association rolled out today at one o'clock

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