Jane Relives Goodalls Early Career, Mary Kills (More) People, Game Show Nostalgia

\Jane\ Relives Goodall\s Early Career, \Mary Kills (More) People,\ Game Show Nostalgia
Five Things You Didnt Know about Mary Kills People
Tara Armstrong has been preoccupied with death since she was a child. The creator behind “Mary Kills People,” a drama that follows a doctor who moonlights as an angel of death for terminal patients, says she has been writing about death as a way to try to figure out how she feels about it.

“I wrote this because I think that it’s important to talk about the topic and not just ignore it,” Armstrong says of “Mary Kills People.” “What we really wanted to do was normalize death and the dying process and present a different kind of death than what we normally see on TV. It’s usually fast and not really explored deeply.”

Jane (8/7c, National Geographic Channel): Intimate and personal in detail, this visually enthralling documentary earned great acclaim during a 2017 theatrical release, taking viewers back to the earliest days of celebrated primatologist Jane Goodalls research with the chimpanzees of Tanzanias Gombe National Park. In never-seen footage from the 1960s, shot by her future husband (later ex) Hugo van Lawick, we witness Janes deep curiosity and even greater patience as she observes and eventually becomes accepted by a community of chimpanzees in the wild. Their story becomes her story, and as she observes the female chimp, Flo, nurturing her son Flint, it informs Janes own maternal bond with son Grub.

Five Things You Didnt Know about Mary Kills People

Ahead of the second season premiere of “Mary Kills People,” Armstrong talks with Variety about increasing the stakes, this season’s new villain, and the importance of keeping up the conversation around death with dignity.

Games People Play: Nostalgia alert from cables BUZZR game-show channel: In a nod to the NCAAs March Madness month, BUZZR reaches back to the 1980s for a Tournabout Tournament from the classic Card Sharks, in which renowned game-show hosts of the day played against each other to win money for charity. The tournament airs Monday through Thursday, through March 29, at 8/7c. Hosts include Jeopardy!s Alex Trebek (then with High Rollers), Match Games Gene Rayburn, The Dating Games Jim Lange, Passwords Allen Ludden and such other icons of the trade as Wink Martindale, Tom Kennedy and Bill Cullen.

The seasons of “Mary Kills People” are only six episodes long, but you pack in a lot of emotional events. What was most important to you in evolving the story from the first to second season?

Inside Monday TV: Profiles of sports legends who died too young: Basketball great Pete Maravich is remembered in ESPN Films Maravich (9/8c, SEC Network), part of the SEC Storied series; and 1960s Formula One superstar Bruce McLaren is the focus of McLaren (9/8c, Starz), following the visionary engineer from his New Zealand roots to becoming the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix. … NBCs Good Girls (10/9c) go across the border to Canada to smuggle contraband for Rio (Manny Montana) and erase their debt. Or at least thats the plan.

Euthanasia Drama Supports Assisted Suicide for the Grief-Stricken

Everything needs to matter and everything needs to pay off. We talk about every season as being a movie, with the three-act structure. For season 2, we started in a totally different place. We jumped ahead in time. We wanted to see Mary and Des in a totally different place. Mary is happily working on her own, while Des had been sent to prison as a result of what happened in season 1. We approached season 2 really looking at what was successful from season 1, which was always Mary at the heart of it. Who is this character? It’s a total exploration of her and her past and why she’s doing this.

The rogue pairs answer should be a resounding no. But refusing Olivia—who has ties to a shady character from Season One—could prove to be impossible. Olivia is revealed to be more and more dangerous, hints Armstrong. Making matters worse for Mary, her ex, Det. Ben Wesley (Jay Ryan), conducts an investigation that leads to both women. Mary, Armstrong says, is backed into a corner.

Richard Short discusses Dess growth on Mary Kills People; Upcoming role in Cleo

Time: March 12 at 9/8cChannel: LifetimeStream Online: Hulu, or fuboTV (Try for free)

Lifetimes Mary Kills People returns for Season 2 on Monday, March 12 at 9/8c!

In Mary Kills People, Caroline Dhavernas stars as an ER doctor who moonlights as an Angel of Death and helps terminal patients with assisted suicide. The actress shares how shes bringing levity to the art of dying.

Mary Kills People tells the story of Dr. Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas), who works in the emergency department of Eden General Hospital. Marys got a secret though; in her off hours, she moonlights as an end of life counselor, providing assisted suicide to terminally ill patients. If the Season 1 finale left you in a lurch, you may be surprised to hear Mary Kills Peoples second season will pick up eight months after Mary and Des (Richard Short) framed Grady (Greg Bryk) for the deaths of their patients.

Video: Actress Rachelle Lefevre in Mary Kills People

You can watch the show on Lifetime on Mondays at 9/8c, but youre not out of luck if you dont have cable. All episodes will be added to Hulu the next day, or you can watch with fuboTV.

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