WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 results: Asukas streak continues, but Nia Jax makes her pay

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Asuka remained undefeated in WWE with a win over Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber on Sunday, ensuring her title match at WrestleMania will be a one-on-one contest.

With Womens champion Alexa Bliss watching on a monitor from the back, Jax controlled the action but couldnt – or chose not to- finish the match. Asuka mounted several comebacks, but they were usually shortlived. Every spot that looked like a turning point – a big kick to the head, dodging an avalanche – ended with more punishment.

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The Empress of Tomorrow took a massive beating throughout the match, and her chances of winning seemed to take a big hit when Jax was able to successfully break out of the armbar.

However, Asuka countered an attempted powerbomb into a pinning attempt and kept Jaxs shoulders on the mat for the three-count. 

The stipulation was kind of confusing. WWE didnt want us to be confused about Asukas dominance, though. The bulk of the pre-match video package focused on her 2+ year, 200+ match win streak. But Nia did get to stomp on a mask:

After she won the Rumble, Asuka was booked in singles matches against top stars in the division. She defeated Sasha Banks in an incredible one on one match (one Im still hoping we get to see at WrestleMania). Then she defeated Bayley.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to pin each other, Asuka was finally successful in grabbing Jax in the Asuka Lock. However, “The Girl Who is Not Like Other Girls” managed to find her way out of that lethal lock. She even caused a leg injury to Asuka which seemed pretty serious by the looks of it.

It was the same night that Asuka defeated the Hugger that Kurt Angle announced tonights match, meaning theres no real story to this outside they needed something for both of these women to do.

In a surprising turn of events, Jax was successful in dominating Asuka. Even when the “Empress of Tomorrow” tried taking on Jax, the latter continued to reverse the best of moves. The two wrestlers were then involved in a splendid segment where they seemed to exchange the momentum back and forth.

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Last week, they built it to some degree when Nia attacked Asuka from behind during an interview and left her laying.

Asuka and Nia Jax were the next to lock horns at Elimination Chamber. With the motive to win the match, the two Superstars carefully examined their stakes. According to the stipulation, if Jax ends up winning the match she would be added alongside Asuka, in challenging the Title at WrestleMania.

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