WWE Rumors: Buying or Selling Buzz on Triple H, Nia Jax and More

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If this weeks WWE rumor mill proves accurate, the answer would be a resounding “yes.”

Sharing the ring with my best friend in front of my family, in the same building I grew up watching @WWE shows from the crowd was a feeling Ill never forget. But now Im feeling like suplexing Nia Jax off the top rope.

WWE News: Bayley Comments on Raw Win, Hall of Fame Collection Starts Friday, Cena Visits Make-A-Wish Kid at Raw

Triple H may be ready to assume his position as the top dog in WWE, but that does not mean plans for the upcoming WrestleMania have changed, as the rumor mill tells us in regard to Nia Jax and her role at The Showcase of the Immortals.

– WWE posted the following video of John Cena visiting with Make-A-Wish Kid Eyad at ringside after his win over The Miz on last night’s episode of Raw:

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Cageside Seats), there is a belief among those backstage that Triple H is about to assume more power within WWE.

– The WWE Hall of Fame Collection will go live on Friday in the VOD section at 10 AM ET.

That wont be the only womens match with WrestleMania ramifications taking place in Las Vegas on February 25th. Two women who will not be stepping inside the chamber will be Asuka and Nia Jax. Instead they will be going one on one and if Jax manages to break The Empress of Tomorrows incredible undefeated streak then she will be added to the title match in New Orleans.

All it took was one bad feud (with Alexa Bliss) and an injury, and Bayley fell from top dog to puppy chow. But with Bliss, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Asuka (and possibly Ronda Rousey) on top of the RAW womens title picture, why would it be worth pushing Bayley now? Well, Im glad you asked. Here are three reasons why it needs to be done.

While every woman on Raw is desperate to break Asukas almost two and a half year long streak, none of them have been quite as confident stepping into the ring with The Empress as Jax is. Earlier this week WWE posted a video of her cutting a promo warning whichever woman winds up winning the Elimination Chamber match because she will be waiting for them at WrestleMania.

Weve seen this adoration translate to a connection with the audience before: in NXT. She even inspired a fangirl of her own, Izzie, a young fan that would show up to each NXT taping dressed like Bayley. But weve yet to fully see this level of connection come to fruition on the main roster. When we do, it will be something to behold.

.@NiaJaxWWE issues a warning to the competitors in the first ever Womens #EliminationChamber Match from backstage at #WWEFresno. #WWEChamber pic.twitter.com/UfIGbpljvY

Bayley used to be one of the top women in the WWE and she held the RAW Womens Champion. She was seemingly one of the faces of RAW, and before that was certainly one of the faces of the burgeoning NXT. Now? She wrestles on the Main Event show and is fodder for heels on house shows (like the one in Lincoln, NE last week).

Jax has taken her statement of intent further than just social media too. On Raw Monday night she rushed the ring following Bayleys win over Sasha Banks. Both women have lost to Asuka since she arrived on Raw and Jax delighted in pointing that out, claiming that if she can take out two Superstars who took Asuka to her limit in a matter of seconds then she should have no problem with breaking The Empresss streak.

The undefeated streak of Asuka has been more protected by WWE on Raw than many fans may have been expecting. Creative has gone beyond simply having her not lose one on one matches and she was even the sole survivor in the womens match at Survivor Series and won the first ever womens Royal Rumble match. We love Jaxs confidence but something tells us Asukas streak will extend beyond Elimination Chamber.

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