WWE Has Backed Itself in a Corner with Asuka vs. Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber

WWE Has Backed Itself in a Corner with Asuka vs. Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber
WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: Nia Jax Needs To Feel Monstrous
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At Elimination Chamber 2018, Asuka will face one of her greatest challenges yet in Monday Night Raws most powerful woman, Nia Jax.

Not only does The Empress of Tomorrow have to worry about her undefeated streaks endangerment, but Jax is also on the prowl to hurt Asuka and make a statement.

If Jax is successful in winning this match, she will be added to the Raw Womens Championship match at WrestleMania 34, making it a Triple Threat with Asuka and the winner of the first Womens Elimination Chamber contest.

This sounds all well and good with an exciting set of circumstances, but there are myriad problems with how this match can possibly go down that will either render it pointless very fast or just plain bothersome for certain fans to watch.

Its hard to refute that claim when she has spent over two years completely, unequivocally undefeated. And she has faced some of the best women in the world during that time, reading like a whos who of the womens evolution, with names like Charlotte Flair and Bayley topping the list.

Asuka isnt all just about her in-ring work — which is phenomenal — she also puts to good use her training as a graphic designer. She is the creator and seamstress for her elaborate, flowing robes that she drapes over herself on the way to the ring.

With her exotic appeal, beauty, and technical wrestling acumen, Asuka presents a near-impossible challenge, a mountain to climb akin to Everest.

Here are five women who may be able to scale the heights of Mt. Asuka and conquer her streak once and for all.

The Queen of Spades is a former MMA fighter, cutting her teeth in front of tiny crowds for a purse worth less than a hundred dollars.

She clawed and scraped her way to the top ranks of female fighters, earning a coveted spot with the UFC. If theres anyone who can stand up with Asuka and trade stiff shots, its Baszler.

Why she might beat Asuka: MMA background, great reach, and the attitude of a born killer.

What might hold her back: Inexperience. While Baszler is quite accomplished as a fighter, she lacks the fifteen years of wrestling experience that Asuka brings to the table.

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