Dont let Nia Jax get ahold of New Days pancakes

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Charlotte & Bobby Roode vs. Apollo & Nia Jax w/Titus & Dana: Jax is not pleased that Dana & Titus are here. Roode & Apollo to begin. Roode tries to strut, fails, so Charlotte shows him how its done. They do a lot of nothing to begin until Roode hits a shoulder block, but Apollo cuts him off with arm drags. Roode now lays in chops, but Apollo picks up the pace and hits the dropkick for 2. Charlotte tags in now along with Jax. Jax attacks, but then misses a corner charge. Charlotte looks for a go behind, but Jax tosses her aside, Dana gets involved, allowing Jax to attack. Jax then yells at her. Charlotte battles back, hitting corner shoulder blocks. Charlotte dropkicks her to the floor. Charlotte tries to pull Jax in, but Jax stuns her off the ropes. The corner splash connects, Jax tosses her across the ring and hits an elbow drop for 2. Charlotte fights off a suplex, lays in knees and then gets distracted by Dana, and knocked to the floor. Jax yells at Dana again. Back in and Charlotte hits a dropkick and then chop blocks out the knee. Charlotte locks on the figure four, and has Jax trapped center ring. Jax escapes with head butts, and we get wholesale changes to Roode and Apollo. Roode runs wild, hits the neck breaker and heads up top, following with a clothesline off the ropes. Apollo fights off the DDT and rolls up Roode for 2. Apollo then hits a sunset flip for 2. Roode battles back and hits the spinebuster, but Jax makes the save. She then attacks Charlotte. They work up top and Charlotte knocks off Jax and hits the moonsault. Roode hits the DDT on Apollo and wins. Charlotte & Bobby Roode defeated Apollo & Nia Jax @ 10:40 via pin

For the folks backstage at the taping last night (Feb. 20) in Phoenix, they might wish Nia Jax had gone ahead and hit the road after destroying Asuka on Monday. But since she was around for her match with Apollo against Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair for the Facebook Watch show, Jax got her hands on some New Days props. And, well, no one was safe…

– Jax then makes sexy eyes at Titus and has him take his jacket off. She then runs down Dana & Titus, calling them zeros. She says they ruined thier match, and shoves him down. She then hits Dana with a Samoan drop.

The Tuesday night crew should be safe from this scourge now that Jax has been eliminated from the MMC. Although theres always that second chance spot in the bracket… and every pay-per-view (PPV) from WrestleMania 34 forward.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Mixdown Week 6: What About Your Friends?

– Next week, its Finn Balor & Sasha Banks vs. The Miz & Asuka.

The worst may have been when she got poor Chad Gable, who may have thought the lone bright side to his and Shelton Benjamins loss to Bid E and Xavier Woods on Tuesday was an end to dealing with flapjacks follies:

2/20 Powells WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review: Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax and Apollo

Heading into Raw on Monday, Feb. 19 – the go home show for Sundays Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) in Paradise, Nevada – was teasing The Revival as potential challengers for The Bars tag team titles. Then on the show itself, Titus Worldwide defeated Sheamus and Cesaro. In a fallout video, they challenged the four-time champs to a match for Feb. 25.

When Charlotte made a little comeback, Brooke proved useful with a distraction. Despite this, Jax ended up screaming in her face to stay out of her business. When she went to climb back in the ring, Charlotte kicked her in the face. She followed that up with some chop blocks attempting to get Nia down. When she finally did, she locked on the Figure Four. Nia broke this by, get this, sitting up and headbutting Charlotte.

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As of this writing (Wednesday at ~2PM Eastern) that match has not been confirmed by WWE on any of their online outlets, but it is being referred to as official in an interview Apollo did with The U.K.s Mirror.

Throw into that mix Apollo suddenly becoming a one-named Superstar on Monday. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but its worth mentioning in the midst of what appears to be a lot of booking on the fly.

They started trading near falls. Nia hopped in to break one up. Charlotte tried to answer coming off the top rope but Jax met her there and knocked her down. Charlotte then hit a moonsault just after Apollo missed his standing moonsault when Roode got the legs up. Bobby followed that up with the Glorious DDT. That got the pin.

How Was This Weeks WWE Mixed Match Challenge Live Viewership?, First Round Of MMC Wraps, More

On Mixed Match Challenge last night (Feb. 20), after losing to Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode, Nia Jax officially separated from Titus ONeills group in a scene that left many fans wondering if his partnership with Apollo was on the rocks. Even announcer Corey Graves was confused enough by dont-call-him-Crews laughing after taking a looong time to get ONeills jacket so he could be in position to help Nia put him on his butt during the scene after their match on Facebook.

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