WWEs Braun Strowman has struck up a friendship with the Brewers and his namesake, Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun might be a household name to baseball fans, but one WWE star has adopted the name and made it famous for another legion of fans entirely. In an interview with WTMJ-4s Lance Allan in Milwaukee, Braun Strowman said that the inspiration for his stage name was indeed the Brewers slugger (not the former Royals pitcher).

I had pitched a bunch of different names to the company and they turned them all down. It got down to a time crunch and its We need to figure something out and we were sitting around the [WWE] Performance Center and SportsCenter was on. They were talking about Ryan Braun and I was like, Braun. Braun … that sounds pretty good! Look at me; Im 68 and 385 pounds and Brauns pretty fitting.

IMHO: I truly dont understand adding Cain and Yelich and not taking the step of adding another starting pitcher. If Jimmy Nelson were healthy I could see the logic…in fact, I would be extremely excited about this season…now Im only excited. Either Jake Arrieta or Alex Cobb is likely to be a tad better than Guerra, Miley, Wilkerson, or Woodruff. Is it possible to sign Arrieta to a one year deal? Scott Boras clients Mike Moustakas, Carlos Gonzalez, and Carlos Gomez have all signed one year deals. Yeah, none of them are in the same stratosphere as Jake, but a significant one year deal (say, $30 mil), and a player option for enough to protect Arrieta from a down year, would then allow him to hit the FA market again next season and get his contract then…although it would probably not be for as long as he was planning on for his deal this season…unless he were to win a Cy Young in Milwaukee.

Its fitting in other ways too, as the brawny 2011 National League MVP can still crush a baseball a long way, too.

Gallardo has been meh, Wilkerson is most likely going to Colorado Springs, and my guess is that Woodruff will also begin the season at the Springs, although working on a curve ball there would be problematical. Junior Guerra has pitched well enough to be seriously considered if Miley isnt kept, and his remaining option doesnt have to be used at the start of the season. If he struggles, he could always be swapped out later for whichever of Wilkerson or Woodruff is pitching well. Hard to see Gallardo going to AAA, but if the Brewers DFAd him and nobody else were to give him a major league deal he might just take the assignment.

However, Strowman (whose real name is Adam Scherr) didnt stop at simply taking Brauns name. With the help of the Brewers, hes snapped some pictures with the real Braun and taken time to go to the occasional game at Miller Park. Earlier in Spring Training this year, he met with several of the current Brewers as well:

TOP HITTING STORY: Lorenzo Cain has hit the ground hitting (see what I did there?) this spring. Its like hes good at it or something. His slash of .458/.480/.583, OPS 1.063, will look pretty darn good at the top of the Brewers order. Im not sure which of Christian Yelich or Cain will hit first; I thought perhaps Cain second because of Yelich tendency to be more of a groundball hitter and therefore more susceptible to the double play, but over the past four seasons Yelich has hit into 55 and Cain 63.

The most recent visit also included a quick hype video alongside a Brewers trio that included Eric Thames, who probably has the muscles to be a WWE star in his own right:

Braun has gone 4-for-12 with an .845 OPS thus far in Spring Training. He played left field in this game, but Braun will split time between the outfield and first base during the regular season. This move could help the injury-plagued Braun stay healthy and fresh throughout the year.

Brewers Ryan Braun slowly getting used to 1st base, concerned about move

Last-minute, non-roster invite @BraunStrowman has a message for the rest of @MLB along with @Brett_Phillips8, @EricThames and @bruter24. #CactusCrew #RAW pic.twitter.com/Fy0eKbYPSg

Ryan Braun went 1-for-3 with an RBI double in the Brewers 9-2 win over the Rockies Saturday.

We cant be the only ones who would love to see Thames in the ring against Strowman.

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Braun slowly getting used to 1st base, concerned about move

Of course, theres another amusing twist to Strowmans ties to baseball. Strowman had already signed with WWE by May 2014, but that was when the similarly-named pitcher Marcus Stroman made his MLB debut with the Blue Jays. Hes risen to prominence since then with big performances in the postseason and the World Baseball Classic, so maybe Strowman will say hello to him next.

Ryan Braun says he is not yet comfortable at first base as he tries to learn a new position in the Brewers camp.

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