RB Devin Darringtons finger wag costs Harvard a TD vs. Yale

RB Devin Darrington\s finger wag costs Harvard a TD vs. Yale
Finger wag negates Harvard Crimson RB Devin Darringtons touchdown vs. Yale Bulldogs
The takeaway didnt matter too much, however. The Crimson settled for a field goal on that drive, but eventually won the game 45-27. This just goes to show what happens when you take the Ivy Leaguers out of Cambridge and put them in Fenway Park. They just lose all sense of decorum.

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Video: The Game: Harvard vs. Yale Hits Fenway Park

Harvard running back Devin Darrington was on his way into the end zone for a fourth-quarter touchdown to put the Crimson up seven points when he decided to flip off the nearest Yale defender:

The penalty happened in the fourth quarter of the rivalry when Darrington broke loose for what should have been a touchdown run to put the Crimson up 34-28. However, the officials caught the running back making his gesture to Yale and wiped the touchdown off the board. Take a look for yourself …  

Video: Harvard electrifies Fenway Park in historic win over Yale

Harvard running back Devin Darrington made an all-time dumb decision en route to the end zone on Saturday.MoreThe referees penalized Harvard for taunting, wiped the touchdown off the board, and brought the ball all the way back to the 18-yard line. The Crimson eventually had to settle for a field goal.

There are personal foul penalties … and then there are Personal Foul Penalties. Harvard running back Devin Darrington got a got the capital-P version on Saturday in The Game for, shall we say, giving the Yale defense a one-finger salute. 

Harvard RB gives middle finger to Yale defender on TD, gets score wiped off the board

Had Darrington waited until after he crossed the goal line to flip the bird, the touchdown would have stood. The penalty would have been assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

But because he couldnt wait, and raised his middle finger during the field of play, the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty brought the ball back from the spot of the foul.

Harvard RB Devin Darrington flips the bird 5 yards before crossing into the endzone. Touchdown is reversed following unsportsmanlike conduct penalty [?] pic.twitter.com/1eAFT5l3Hd

(Screenshot: ESPN2)MoreHarvard recovers to winThe penalty could have proven incredibly costly. But Harvard stopped Yale on the subsequent possession, and Darrington made up for his one-of-a-kind error:

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Harvard wound up pulling away for a 45-27 win at Fenway Park, thanks to two late touchdowns from Darrnington as part of a 91-yard rushing day.

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