Ben Roethlisberger, defense rally Steelers to last-second victory

Ben Roethlisberger, defense rally Steelers to last-second victory
Jalen Ramsey of Jacksonville Jaguars struggling to hold back emotions after collapse against Pittsburgh Steelers
On Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers won a stunner when they came back to score 20 straight points after going down 16-0. The Jacksonville Jaguars had to feel like they had this one in the bag only to watch it slip away late. We decided to take to Twitter and share some of our favorite postgame tweets from the big win. Enjoy!

His players and himself repeatedly make it a point of pride to highlight how consistent they are — in their travel itineraries, their pregame personal and team-wide habits and the manner in which they approach opponents, regardless of record or recent history.

Fans who enjoy last-minute finishes had to be thrilled Sunday, as almost every game was decided inside the two-minute warning, several as time expired.

The Jaguars (3-6) in Week 11, Vance McDonald said, were something of an exception. He reminded the team that the Jaguars “wore the crowns” in the AFC South last year and that the Steelers “wore the crowns” in the North. He noted the Jaguars would be carrying their two wins from the same campaign into Sunday’s game.

Fortunately for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they not only came out of Sunday with a win but they came out of the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars healthy for the most part. However, in the postgame press conference, head coach Mike Tomlin did note outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo suffered an ankle injury very late in the game on a special teams play but didn’t have any details.

“I would say he’s always in control and he never gets super emotional,” McDonald said. “But he does it justice. I mean it really was, this game is for us very big.”

This is particularly concerning because the Steelers only dress three outside linebackers each week. Bud Dupree and T.J. Watt get the bulk of the snaps on defense but Chickillo is their only reserve. The only times Watt or Dupree come off the field is when the Steelers bump up their defensive backs and will at times bring in L.J. Fort as the single linebacker.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Roethlisberger shock Jaguars with epic comeback – Pittsburgh Steelers Blog- ESPN

Yet a game in which the Steelers offense was quite comically bad for all but the game’s final minutes, when the Pittsburgh defense was dominated for a half and so many of the flaws that have held back a golden generation of talent from snagging a Super Bowl resurfaced the field and the postgame locker room could afford some humor. The Jaguars, both as a specific rival and a style of team who the Steelers tend to struggle with, were conquered, however absurdly. 

The Steelers were eliminated by the Jags in the playoffs last season as they were looking ahead to the Patriots. Fast forward to Sunday, and they were down 16-0 late in the third quarter. Roethlisberger was not playing well. On top of all that, Roethlisberger says the Jags were talking trash.

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The Steelers have jokes now. We won, ha ha.

And some of the game’s most decisive moments became butts of what were – for Steelers – good jokes.

“Duuuval,” Steelers could be heard shouting in the near-right corner of the locker room afterward, mocking Jaguars fans’ cheer about the county where the city is the county seat.

The Steelers trailed 16-0, but got on the board with 1:17 left to play in the third quarter and added 14 more points in the fourth quarter to escape with a 20-16 win. Roethlisberger got the last touchdown on a one-yard run and sounded quite satisfied about the win after the game.

About 15 minutes prior backup inside linebacker Tyler Matakevich held his hands above his hand as he jogged down and off the field with eight seconds remaining. Chris Boswell had put his kickoff through the Jaguars’ uprights for one final play.

After the next snap, Vince Williams turned to the crowd behind the Steelers’ bench and raised his hands above his head. Williams, who is from Polk County, Florida bought 21 tickets for friends and family, but they weren’t who he was addressing.

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