Hurricane Dorian: NBA star Klay Thompson upset with Trumps words – USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian: NBA star Klay Thompson upset with Trump\s words - USA TODAY
Bromance continues: Klay gives Zaza car as retirement gift
Team USAs 2020 Olympic roster already looks to be not only significantly stronger than its 2019 World Cup counterpart, but also far more cohesive. Two Golden State Warriors superstars had already said that they would play in Tokyo. Stephen Curry, who has yet to play in the Olympics, revealed that he plans to do so earlier this week, while Draymond Green, an Olympian in 2016, did the same. Now Team USA can add another Warrior to the “yes” pile. 

Klay Thompson told Marcus Thompson of The Athletic that he, too, plans to suit up for the Olympics. “I would love to play (for) Team USA,” Thompson said. “That is the plan. I would love to be on the Olympic team.” Thompson played alongside Green and former Warriors teammate Kevin Durant on the gold medal-winning 2016 Olympic team. He also played alongside Curry at the 2014 FIBA World Cup, though he was a bench player while Curry started. 

There is, of course, one major caveat where Thompson is concerned. The superstar guard tore his ACL in the NBA Finals. He is expected to return to the floor in February, giving him another six months before the Olympics to return to full strength, but as badly as hed like to represent his country, caution will likely be a priority. 

Stephen Curry told ESPNs Rachel Nichols he plans to play for Team USA in Tokyo next summer, and his Warriors teammate Klay Thompson is signing on too, assuming hes healthy. Adding the two best shooters on the planet should really help Team USA finish better than seventh in Tokyo! It looks like Damian Lillard is in, as well.

If Thompson suffers a setback during his recovery, or another injury upon his return, there is a good chance that he ultimately sits out the Olympics to be safe. That was the choice many American stars made for the World Cup, and they did so with less severe injuries. 

Their absences may have cost Team USA the gold medal, and it affected Thompson in making his decision. “It was hard to watch us lose,” Thompson said. “Those guys, they sacrificed their summers for that. Im not going to dog them for losing, though. The world is good.”

That said, at least two NBA stars have lined up to play in the 2020 Olympics. This is not a surprise: Americans care way more about the Olympics than the World Cup for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the presence of the best athletes from many sports all in one central location.

If Thompson can play, though, Team USA should be at a major advantage. With Warriors coach Steve Kerr on Gregg Popovichs staff and Curry and Green likely on the roster as well, Team USA could match some of the cohesion and chemistry that makes so many of the worlds best teams great. Team USAs inability to match the continuity on other rosters has been its downfall in several international competitions, but bringing the entire core of one of the best teams in the NBA to Tokyo would be an excellent way of mitigating that. 

The brain trust still needs to figure out what to do for big guys but the US has a lot of big, mobile players (Marvin Bagley) who could (Zion Williamson) probably help out (Wendell Carter) and be effective (Brandon Ingram) against the international opponents well see in Tokyo.

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You might be able to stop one of them – and of course Thompsons health is still not guaranteed after his ACL in the NBA Finals this summer – but you cant contain all of them. Any of the three could go for 40 on any given night.

The Warriors star shooting guard has endeared himself to Dub Nation and the NBA world alike through a number of classic moments from his scaffolding interview to heckling Christian Yelich at Wrigley Field. Thompsons budding bromance with former teammate and current Warriors consultant Zaza Pachulia also has captured the attention of most Warriors fans.

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Thompson and Pachulia became good friends during the centers time in the Bay, and with Pachulia electing to hang up his sneakers to join Golden States front office, Klay had to get him a retirement gift.

Size wont be resolved just until training camp comes around, but offense may not be much of a worry: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard all say theyre in for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Thompson currently is recovering from his torn ACL, but it doesnt look like its dampened his spirits at all this offseason. Thompson has been in France, London, San Francisco and who knows where else with his girlfriend Laura Harrier.

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